Evolution Vs. Creation


     There has been much to do about the subject of evolution versus creation without much thought going into a differing perspective. What if both were true? What if there could be an explanation for both that made sense both scientifically and was in total agreement with the religious perspective.

     Without going into a lot of explanation, I am going to submit the formula for evolution and the formula for creation and leave it to you to determine how both could exist at the same time. The implications of this are profound as it would explain the difference between civilization exemplified by artificial man and native cultures exemplified by natural man. Here is the formula for evolution:

Hard-wired, Natural Intelligence-evolution- Actions that are innately determined by an organism’s neurophysiology. This implies that an organism has a drive internally to become. Not driven by free will or choice, Instinct with intelligence gained through experience. Intelligence held within the neurology of the individual.

     The formula for creation would be the opposite and be: Behavior that is determined by what is learned during the lifetime of an individual organism. This implies Free Will and of course choice. This is the foundation of creation and civilization. Information driven, instinct or internal drive taking a back seat to cultural norms. This is knowledge driven with intelligence or information held outside the individual, books, computers etc.

     Of course much more could be said about this but my intention is to open the door to a new discussion of the possibility that both could be true, explained and understood.