Intelligent Strength


     The concept of Intelligent Strength is a concept as old as humanity itself. It has been lost in modern culture as it has been replaced by the artificial strength of money over ability, personality over character and information over intelligence.  It is a strength that comes only through experience and cannot be bought, sold or learned through any institution. It is the strength of the spirit as expressed through one’s neurophysiology. It is defined by where one stands, what one stands for and what one stands against. it is the hallmark of the “Sustainable Man”. It is the expression of true Individuality. It is an expression of the intelligence that can only be gained through the arduous process of evolution.

     All Intelligent Strength programs are now offered exclusively through Natural Intelligence Solutions  .  The sister site to this work can be found at The Sustainable  While most programs developed through Intelligent Strength are designed to move the individual through the process of integrating  one’s neurophysiology, how an organism works to it’s optimum is the same principles that apply to an organization. Natural Intelligence Solutions uses these principles to enhance an organization’s productivity which would be a translation from optimum functionality of an individual organism.

     All Intelligent Strength programs are designed to bring about sustainability to the individual, not the environment. These programs move one from a position of being an energy source for cultural gains to becoming an individual who uses intelligence to reach a position of individual fulfillment. Only out of this fulfillment can one then reach out to do whatever the greatest desire is to do. Nothing short of sustainable individuality should be the goal.